Nightsky Charm – 9k, 14k and silver


5% of each sale of  the root to rise collection is saved for a good cause, protecting animals & nature around the world. You can find more information here.

Solid, organically formed moon talisman charm. This charm can be attached to a necklace.

Each charm is handcrafted, and thus always unique and one of a kind. You can choose for a charm that is about 9 mm or 11 mm in length.

The charms are quite heavy, so it’s very important to choose a heavier necklace with firm closure to wear it with. The ring of the charm is quite big, but might still be too small to string it over the closure of your necklace. In this case, the charm needs to be attached to the necklace by a goldsmith.

Of course, you can also choose one of our necklaces for your charm. When you purchase both the charm and a necklace, we will of course solder the charm onto the necklace so you can right your magical piece right away!


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* Each piece of jewelry is handmade and can therefore slightly differ from the product photos.

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Size Charm

9 mm, 11 mm


9k, 14k, silver