studio appointments

I would love to meet you in the studio to find that perfect piece of jewelry! You can easily book your appointment in our online agenda below.

For wedding rings, I’d recommend to visit at least about three months prior to your wedding date. However, feel free to sent us an email (this may be in Dutch or English) if this is not the case, preferably with some options that you’d like for your wedding rings. This way we can inform you if it will still be possible to schedule an appointment and craft your rings within the time frame. We understand that flexibility is necessary within these uncertain times, and we will do our best to be of service! You can opt for a Wedding Ring appointment (60 minute slot), 14k fine appointment (45 minute slot – this includes our 14k gold jewelry collection and custom pieces that are variations on our collection) on Saturday’s, and Pick-Up’s (15 minute slot) from Tuesday to Friday.


Please note:
Only come to our appointment if you’re feeling well and are free from symptoms of a cold/flu
Come to the studio with a maximum of two people, from one household
Please make sure to wash your hands at the toilets (first floor) in the middle of the hallway
Please disinfect your hands when entering the studio


I hope to meet you (again) soon!