a reminder, of our roots

bobini roots is inspired by our roots;
the world and her history, all her incredible magic and beauty.

besides creating quality jewerly with carefully sourced materials, we hope to encourage our customers to be grateful for our roots, each time they glance down at their own, unique piece of jewerly.

authentic & made with care

the bobini roots collection consists of a variation of one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces enriched with gemstones created by nature. metals ranging from brass and sterling silver, to 14 carat solid gold are cultivated into wearable pieces, using traditional metalsmithing techniques. each piece is made one at a time, with just two hands and a great eye for detail. due to the use of natural gemstones, each bobini roots piece made is unique and carries an authentic look and earthy feel.

owner, designer & goldsmith

each piece of jewelry is designed & hand crafted by Nicole, in her small studio in Eindhoven. together with her French bully Hubbes, you can find her here most days of the week.

Nicole has a thing for jewelry as long as she can remember. her family and friends needed to develop quite some patience when walking even close to stores or market stalls that sold jewelry. no matter what style; she always had to go down and observe all the designs, materials and details, and gaze as long as she could. if she was not playing around in nature and cuddling one of her many pets, her nose was in her (or frankly, any) jewelry box. vintage pieces with beautiful gemstones and a story to tell, where her definite favorites.

at 14 years old, she found her (dream)job and started working in a gift & jewerly shop with… a beads corner. although helping clients and sorting the beads were her pleasure; she was the happiest when she got to repair & make jewelry. it wasn’t until then that she realized it would be her dream to someday, have her own jewelry label.

in 2013, after her studies International Business and Languages and longer stays abroad in Spain, Canada, Germany and the U.S., the time for dreaming was over; bobini got official and Nicole built her own webshop in which the sold beaded bracelets. but the dream was larger than this..

she wanted to create something out of nothing; authentic jewelry with unique components that carried a story and gemstones created over time by nature. her passion for jewelry and her appreciation for the world’s beauty evolved in bobini roots.

she started a course in metalsmithing and just after she made her first ring, and realized she could make anything she wanted, her passion became her obsession. every spare hour after work got spent in her ‘studio’ at home, did more courses and an internship and finally quite her part-time marketing job to go all-in.

the world's magic is right in front of our eyes

a film by Agapè Stories.

let it be, a reminder of our roots
to work with materials, created by nature
that exsist only because so many elements, were just right for it to form.
to craft these with my own two hands into something new.

let it be, a reminder of where it all began
to the balance of nature, the water, air, trees & soils
to the sunshine & the night sky,
to the universe, that always was and always will be.

the world’s magic is right in front of our eyes.