jewelry care

Each bobini roots jewelry piece is handcrafted in our atelier in Eindhoven. For this reason, the material of each jewelry item in our collection can be adjusted if desired. Please send us an email with the item you would like to order and the material you would like it to be crafted with. We work with 9, 14 and 18 karat gold and some pieces can be made in silver as well. On this page we’ll tell you how to take care of and polish your jewelry for beautiful lasting jewelry. Click here for our jewelry care package.

Nicole making a 14k gold bezel


Solid gold is the purest form of metal and doesn’t need much care. Occasionally polish your piece of jewelry with our polishing cloth for some extra shine. Initially, we use 14 karat yellow gold for our fine jewelry pieces. However, some pieces are also made in 9 karat gold. Additionally, 18 karat can also be requested for most of our designs. Both 14 karat and 18 karat pieces can be made with yellow, rosé and white gold.

14k gold / 585
58.5% pure gold, 41.5% other materials such as silver and copper.
May officially be callled gold, does not tarnish and can be made in a warmer and slightly cooler tone. 14k gold is the hardest one of all karat options. Lasts a lifetime, perfect to pass on to next generations.

9k gold / 375
37.5% pure gold, 62.5% other materials such as silver and copper.
May officially not be labeled as gold but is a very beautiful alternative for the pricier 14k gold pieces – especially the heavier ones. It lasts a lifetime, just as 14k gold, but may need to be cleaned with a polishing cloth every now and then to keep it’s original tone and shine.


Some of our designs are made or can be made in 925. silver. Silver is a metal which requires little to no care when worn regularly. However, if the jewelry hasn’t been worn for a longer period of time, the material will oxidize and gets its famous dark layer. If you want to bring the material back to it’s original bright state, you can polish your piece of jewelry with our cleaning cloth or home polish kit. If you don’t wear your jewelry for a longer period of time, store your jewelry in an air tight box.

Nicole melting silver
Brass hairpins in a copper colored vase


Brass has a beautiful, deep golden tone. This material will naturally tarnish and slightly turn darker overtime, which gives each piece of jewelry it’s own unique and authentic look and feel. However, brass will always keep its golden tone and won’t change color or lose any layer whatsoever. With our cleaning cloth or home polish kit, you can easily polish the material if you prefer your brass to be more shiny. You can also clean your jewelry with a soft (tooth)brush, warm water and some soap. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Be careful however not to use too hot/boiling water as the gemstones – when incorporated in your piece – can break! To avoid any other types of spots, minimize contact with perfume, body lotion and such. Try to keep your jewelry in the original, air tight bobini roots packaging when it’s not worn for a longer period of time. The more you will wear your jewelry, the prettier it stays. This is because your jewelry will automatically be cleaned as you’re washing your hands and take a shower for example.

Lastly, depending on the acidity of your skin, for some, brass may leave that green mark behind. This mark is however completely harmless. It mainly occurs if the jewelry is wrapped around your skin more tightly and usually if the temperatures are a bitter higher. If you wear your jewelry on a daily basis, this will eventually stop occuring.