Authentic & made with care

Each piece of jewelry is designed and handcrafted by goldsmith Nicole, in her studio in Eindhoven. With just two hands, and lots of passion & care. You can find her in the studio most days of the week, with her French bully Hubbes keeping her company. Read more about the workspace of the goldsmith of Bobini Roots here.

All things jewelry

Nicole has had a thing for jewelry for as long as she can remember. Her family and friends needed to develop quite some patience when walking even close to stores that sold jewelry. No matter what style, she always had to go down and observe all the designs, materials and details. She just had to gaze as long as she could… If she wasn’t playing around in nature or cuddling one of her many pets, her nose was in her (or frankly, any) jewelry box. Her definite favorites were vintage pieces with beautiful gemstones and a story to tell.

Dreaming big

At 14 years old, Nicole started working at a gift and jewelry shop with… a beads corner. She’d happily help clients finding the perfect gift and sorting out all the beads was something she’d like to do, but she was the happiest when she got to repair and actually make jewelry. It wasn’t until that moment, she realized it would be her dream to someday have her own jewelry label. 

A dream come true

After three years of travelling and living abroad for her studies International Business, as well as short inspiration trips, it became clearer & clearer. Besides her webshop in beaded jewelry, Nicole wanted more. She wanted to create something out of ‘nothing’. She wanted to create authentic jewelry, jewelry with unique components that carried a story and, preferably with beautiful gemstones. Her passion for jewelry and her appreciation for the world’s beauty, eventually evolved into bobini roots.

5 things about me

1 My full name is Nicole Anne, I am one of three (older brother and sister) and was born in 1991.

2 I have travelled and lived abroad for three years in a row, getting to explore Canada (Victoria Island/Vancouver), The United States (Washington, San Fransisco, LA, Las Vegas, Miami and New York), Spain (Malaga) and Germany (Munich).

3 I have never seen myself as a creative person: in school, I felt I was terrible at courses such as drawing and handy crafts – I felt more comfortable in classes such as Languages, Biology, Geography and History. Now I craft jewelry for a living (passion is magic!).

4 My ultimate dream is to live abroad with (my perhaps someday husband) Pim, work from our studio at home surrounded by nature and the sea, my dog Hubbes while sheltering many animals.

5 Through my work, I hope to be able to make a change for animals and people in need and inspire others to realize too, that we all are a link in the chain to maintain earth’s balance, that we exist only through the existence of another being and that sharing is everything.