In need of a little help finding that last minute
but perfect Christmas gift?

we got you, dear Santa's!

Our One of a Kind collection is made and ready to ship! However, if the needed size is not listed, please sent us an email with your wishes. We will do our best to make them come true.

Another tip from us is the pieces of our collection that can be engraved. Most can be made even after our 27-11-22 order deadline.
The same goes for (most) of our necklaces – as we have a few of each in stock.

Lastly, a gift card is ALWAYS a good idea. On gift cards from €300, we will gift a beautiful champagne bottle, to celebrate 2022 with your loved one + the good jewelry to come in 2023 😉

handcrafted jewelry

authentic & made with care

bobini roots is inspired by our roots; our beautiful world, her nature and history. We create quality jewelry with carefully sourced materials and gemstones – given to us by nature over an immense amount of time. But above all, we hope to encourage you to pause a second and be grateful for our roots, each time you glance down at your unique piece of handcrafted jewelry. 

14k fine jewelry

14k rustic diamond

wedding bands

Meet Nicole

Owner, designer and goldsmith

Her dream was to create authentic, handcrafted jewelry with unique components that carried a story and gemstones created over time by nature. Her passion (or should we say obsession) for jewelry and her appreciation for the world’s beauty, eventually evolved into bobini rootsRead more about Nicole and her story on this page.

let it be, a reminder of our roots.
to work with materials, created by nature.
that exsist only because so many elements, were just right for it to form.
to craft these with my own two hands into something new.
let it be, a reminder of where it all began.
to the balance of nature, the water, air, trees and soils.
to the sunshine and the night sky,
to the universe, that always was and always will be.
the world’s magic is right in front of our eyes.